Thursday, April 25, 2013

Want Beautiful Teeth ??

Had the teeth white and organized not only pretty looking but gives self confidence. But not everyone has teeth. The formation of irregular teeth not because of genetics or nutrition. It happens due to neglect dental care milk. Permanent teeth will grow at the age of two years. Although milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, aspects of growth it must also concern. Children who suck or putting fingers, have a tendency to teeth loose because her nipples or finger mounting a long in the mouth will interfere with the development of the jawbone.

Today, irregular teeth is no longer a problem with the availability of preferred braces to get the arrangement of the teeth clean and beautiful. There are two types of braces in the market. Its permanent and removable brace. Permanent braces (metal, plastics and ceramics), functions that distinguish only removable braces colors. Plastic braces easily absorb the food color as compared to ceramic bracket that does not absorb any food color. This type of braces should be used on average for 18 months.

Whereas removable braces requires two-fold longer because of its application depends on the wearers. The frequency of open and unplugging them will slow down the process of arranging the teeth.

In cases of tooth growth, the more complex the application of braces become longer.

In the first week of installation of braces, you will feel awkward to be mouth feel full but it is only temporary.
After the bracket is open you need to wear ' retainer ' that can be removed. Its only for a period of one year with the first six months it should be worn day and night. The remaining six months ' retainer ' only worn in the evening only. It's necessary to maintain the resulting new teeth after using braces.

The importance of the primary Teeth (milk teeth)

Milk teeth also should hold until the permanent teeth start to grow. Children's milk teeth used to chew food properly, speak clearly. It also provides a space in the jaw for permanent teeth to grow and be able to avoid the permanent teeth grow at an angle or overlap.

Dental Care Yourself

* Eat a balanced and varied food.

* Scrub teeth at least 2 times a day immediately after meals or gargle with water.

* Use floride gel toothpaste or to strengthen the structure of the teeth.

* Undertake inspections with the dentist every 6 months (start inspection of your child's teeth at the age of 3 years.

* Do not chewed ice, pen or pencil.

* Do not use your teeth to open a paper clip and others.

* Stop taking alcohol and use of tobacco products.

* Control food intake re sugar, it causes acid bacteria that will erode teeth.

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