Thursday, April 25, 2013

Physical Exercise aids Weight Loss

In an effort to tackle obesity or obesity, we are not only setting yourself up to the recommended regular exercise such as walking, swimming and cycling.

We can actually make it more fun to try new and different activities.

Advantages of physical activity tackle obesity

Sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of certain diseases associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and arthritis.

It also increases our appetite. Under certain level of physical activity, fat reserves will be very difficult to operate.

Body will automatically send a message of hunger in order to eat that will provide the energy needed.

To break this cycle, exercising regularly will stimulate the nervous system and increase insulin (a hormone that is secreted after eating), which suppresses the body store fat.

Physical activity, especially high intensity, can increase muscle mass little by little.

To have more muscle, you will burn more calories even when your body a break!

So, if you focus on a balanced diet at the same time, it can be to train your body to lose extra weight.

Increase consumption of calories as a result of physical activity will cause your body will choose to use its reserves.

Even if you do not lose a lot of weight the first few weeks of your exercise, but the shape of your body will become more beautiful and stronger every day.

Furthermore it is very good for your mental health. Exercise also allows you to burn the fat stored in the lower abdomen.

Diversify your physical activity

Physical activity does not just play sports. It can be any different activities that can increase your energy consumption as doing housework, gardening or dancing.

For individuals who hope to lose weight, are advised to adopt a medium-term physical exercise (at least 30 minutes, if possible at least 45 minutes) such as brisk walking, cycling, cardio training or swimming.

This way the body uses fat as fuel savings. Effects of these exercises will also continue to burn more calories 24 hours to 48 hours thereafter.

Research has shown that high-intensity exercise can increase metabolism. Moreover, this activity is also more effective to gain muscle mass.

The best programs to lose weight

Usually recommended for you to do physical activity for 30 minutes a day only basis. But it is not enough to lose weight. Experts advise you to do at least 10,000 steps a day and work out intensely for a long period (not less than 30 minutes) at least three times a week.

If you lead a passive life before, doing this program gradually. We can start with 3,000 to 5,000 steps a day.

Step 500 or 1,000 steps each week. We can get a pedometer (pedometer) that many in the market to help you.

The importance of obtaining advice

The first step is to consult a doctor. A medical examination will enable doctors to determine and assess the overall health of the physical body to starting any physical activity.

Doctors may recommend activities that are appropriate to your current physical level, such as walking or swimming.

The second step is to get some guidance from a qualified instructor and professional so that physical activity can be a fun and can have an impact on your health.

It can be measured through improved physical fitness and health. It is very important to seek the advice of a qualified and professional individuals in general.

When we started alone either at home or outside, we actually do not know the best way and can not assess the current level of activity.

Expensive gym membership, but many government built a gym can be used as a gym people in the park and recreation facilities throughout the country.

No more excuses for not working out for us and healthy lifestyle.

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