Thursday, April 25, 2013

Japanese Health Secrets

Besides the U.S., the Japanese also often the title of the oldest man in the world for some time.

When asked on the elderly here, what is the secret of their health and youthful, answering many sushi and practice walking.

Japanese people highly value their health, especially the food.

No wonder most of the restaurants also lists the amount of calories contained in each food on their menu for customer reference.

Difficult to meet the people of Japan who have a body fat, in addition women who always keep their shape and beauty.

Unlike in Malaysia, the number of diabetics, people with high blood pressure and other diseases in Japan is very little.

Food without flavor

Foreigners who have just arrived in this country definitely surprised with the food and Japanese cuisine with little or no direct sometimes sweet and masin.

Furthermore, the seafood eaten raw so just like the sushi and sashimi.

Like Malaysia, the major Japanese food is rice, which is usually taken at every breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

However, the amount of rice and side dishes taken in each meal is a little, but not difficult to add their food.

Also not difficult to find foods without fat or less fat in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Every day, there is always a new food product that is getting more and more days less fat and sugar consumption in content to help people take care of their health.

The price of organic food and not too expensive fiber, allows us as students are also able to buy it.

Vegetable juice and fruit juice available in dozens of varieties and flavors, much help add nutrients in our daily food.

There's also saying that means "Japanese people eat using a points' which shows they highly value the presentation and order of the dishes served.

Mom definitely decorate 'bento' (provision) for their children with a variety of decorations to attract interest in food.

Not only food, most Japanese people do not use sugar or milk in their drinks.

Green tea has become the main drink served free at every restaurant.

Likes to walk

Children, youth and older people, the people of Japan was fond of walking every day to school, college, office or shop.

Winter or summer does not become a barrier to walk from home to the train station and from the train station to the destination.

I was amazed to see grandma and grandpa who walk every evening in a residential area in spite of the bent three.

Public facilities may also reserved for pedestrians and encourage more disabled people to walk away.

Always true to the time

Attitudes do not like to waste time also pushed the Japanese always run fast and run to their destinations or while working or studying.

Sometimes they consider the failure to timely appointments when formal or informal is a big failure that makes them always moves faster.

Show that aired on television also largely shaped quizzes and knowledge even in the field of entertainment, education and health.

No wonder, people are very sensitive to each of their daily routine and food.

In my observation, the nature of the Japanese people who like to think of every possible thing contributed to their mental and physical health.

Nature likes to think what drove them to become a developed country known for its cutting-edge technology and products in the world.

Number of Japanese food restaurants and convenience for pedestrians increased in Malaysia is positive progress for me.

Hoped that Malaysians can also emulate the lifestyle of the people of Japan. Thus, we can also be listed as the world's oldest people in one day.

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